“Delicious meals.

I have been going here before i was born. I LOVE this place!

Many times I start my day there with breakfast and after a few hours of shopping and running errands I come back for lunch before heading home.

Everything is good, but my favorite is FETTUCCINE with mashroom pene pasta.”

what better way to to start the day!, than a delicious breakfast with Mom and Sis

English breakfast tea , orange juice ,  Toast with amount of  Berry Butter

Arabian Breakfast order

my delicious omelet . .


I love the atmosphere and the decor there . . .

Enjoyed lunch with friends 😉

My penne arrabiata was flavorful and the sauce was good . .

my favorite mael is FETTUCCINE with mashroom pene pasta

Anything is good if it’s made of chocolate ~Jo Brand

yaah so true …

Hot Chocolate Fondant with vanilla ice cream scoop  , One of my favourite desserts in this Caffe

ready to go back home ,,, see u in other post’s 😉

4 comments on ““Delicious meals.

  1. soso says:

    looks delicious
    i love the photos

  2. Anonymous says:

    very yummy

    where is this place?

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