I *heart* LADURÉE

Founded in 1862 in the rue Royale by Louis Ernest Ladurée,the company quickly became famous especially for its macaroons. Its tearoom was at the time one of the first meeting places for “Ladies”.

The Flavor of  Paris

Laduree window’s – Paris 2010

You must pre-order this this fab macaroon tower at least 48 hours ahead.

Yumm I am such a fan of macaroons! Can’t wait to attempt this impressive looking dessert! … **

BTW ,,, I luv his style soo vintage ♥.♥

At Ladurée, decor is fabulous ,, its royal  and luxury stamp is everywhere. The salons have a sumptuous style of the Second Empire with its taffeta curtains, crystal chandeliers, gilded caryatids, and velvet armchairs.

“La rose d’Ispahan ….smelled mildly like rose

WHAT is Ispahan: rose flavored macaron filled with rose petal cream with raspberries and lychees, served with sorbet ispahan: lychee, rose petal aromas and raspberry sorbet.

Something about eating this just felt delicate and elegant . 😉 ,,

Playing with my macaroons .`.`.

I just had an overall wonderful experience and I can’t wait to go back

** the drown water paint  in this post Done by : Carol Gillott …

5 comments on “I *heart* LADURÉE

  1. meme says:

    Beautiful …

  2. awh** says:


  3. ReRe says:

    السلام عليكم ,,
    صورك ماشاء الله روعه ,
    و بعد اذنك اخذت كم من صوره ” و اذا تحبي اذكر انها من تصويرك عشان لا تفكري اني بسرقهم :pPP
    بس حبيت اسألك , الصور المرسومه , مين راسمهم ؟!
    لانهم عجبوني حيل ❤

    تحياتي ,,

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