The City of Love

I am enamored by Paris photos ,coz each of them reminds me of special & sweet memories that I will always treasure,,

J’adore Paris♥

I love Paris in the summer when it sizzles . . . . .

A wedding Photo-shoot . . .

Soon in …. 2013 … The Louvre Abu Dhabi

the  Louver museum will soon find a duplicate home in the United Arab Emirates

For the first time in 26 years, Artparis, one of the biggest and most famous modern art exhibition will be showing outside France and it has chosen Abu Dhabi as its first destination.

Waiting . . . .

Notre Dame de Paris , also known as ( Notre Dame Cathedral)

View from the East .

Galeries Lafayette . .

Luxury shopping mall, many brands, beautiful decoration

The decoration is excellent, luxurious, nice lighting. Do visit the terrace and have perfect views of the Opera building. There is also a cafe/restaurant. Food department is very nice and offers many selections for gifts to friends. For shoppers, all known brands are there, so everything for everyone, can be found. Try to “forget home” your credit card! 🙂

We all love Disneyland . . .

OMG guys they r soo cute and adorable ,, I met them in Disneyland hotel ,,I love that baby he is so so cute and his sister like an angel ❤ . . .


Lu n ch i n g    at    PIZZA-PINO . . .

I love Paris every moment / Every moment of the year . . . ♥♥♥

Too see more Picture … Visit My Flickr “Paris-set”

7 comments on “The City of Love

  1. Noura says:

    Hi bint shama I love your blog ❤ and I looooove all your photos ! What camera do you use? and do you use photoshop actions?

    • bintshama says:

      Thanks Noura 🙂
      I use : Canon EOS 450D&1000D and Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H9. ,,
      well , I rarely use photoshop actions ,, mostly, I edit my pic by changing the Image adjustments ( selective color , Hue / Saturation , Shadow’s / Highlights …etc )

  2. Noura says:

    thanks for the quick reply! :* I really love they way u edit your pics and the colors u choose! very unique..! *mashalla*

  3. نعنوعة says:

    رحت باريس قبل سنه كان أحلى سفرة بصراحة حبيت باريس وااايد
    اهم شي بيزا بينو و لاديوريييه

  4. Moony says:

    المميـزة بنت شمآآآآآآآآ
    مابتكلم عن صوورج لانها شي أكبر من الكلآآآم : )
    بس عندي سؤآآآل :
    المووودل الحلوووة ماشاء الله ربي يحفظها بنتج ؟؟ ولآآ إشآآعة

    مووفقه ومن إبدآآآع لأعلى

  5. Moony says:

    شفت الصوور فوواحد من المنتديات منزلين صوور البنووته وكاتبين من تصوير أمها 😛
    يبالج مرة ثانية تووضحيين هالشي فالصوور هههههه
    All the Best sis : )

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