I ♥ ….

This is the Second set I did, for some of my outfits , heels and accessories  , and here is how this pictures turned out.


Forever 21 T-shirt + Alexander McQueen skull scarf and shoes

unfortunately vivienne westwood shop closed since Jan in DIFC

I love victoria beckham’s style, because she often dresses rather simple but gorgeous.I’m a fan of simple & clean cut looks so I think she’s amazing

victoria beckham-vogue Turkey with hot Christian Louboutin pumps


Topshop shirt ,Zara Camel high-waist pants , Zara belt , D&G red Heels

FENDI gold cuff , Aigner earring , Alexander McQueen snake double wrap bracelet,

Bloomingdales Gold & Blue bracelets

CHANEL earrings , Roberto Cavalli rings

I My Shoes

Topshop  shirt , Nina Ricci Black pearl necklace, flor  Zara heels

Pink Mango Chiffon shirt, the one I like the most

FENDI Peek-a-Boo python bag , Roberto Cavalli shoes

Mango Vintage orange Dress , Giuseppe zanotti heels , Zara Vintage shoes

I got the owl Necklace a couple of days ago while randomly browsing an accessories store. The Miu Miu knockoff shirt is from Zara,

My fab fab vintage outfit

Goyard Bag

between past and present

Vogue 1956

christian louboutin 2010 😉

lady Diana with lady Dior ❤

brooke-shields- eyebrow *love*

Hot christian louboutin studded

Robe Cala Marine by La Petite Française



7 comments on “I ♥ ….

  1. awh** says:

    omg stylish

  2. dodecool says:

    Love Love Love Love Love your style. Totally elegant and classy ❤

  3. dodecool says:

    those McQueen skull shoes aren’t comfy at all >_< I got the snake leather in electric blue. Idk how do u walk in them. I love it though. I want to live in your closet ❤

  4. bintshama says:

    thanks for passing gurls

    I wore them for few hrs in some social events and i find them comfortable :$$

  5. Mnoor says:

    Hala ib Bent Shama…

    sh7aaalch w 3sach b5aaaair



    I have a question for you….

    is it okay if I take some of your phtographs,

    I like them sooooo much

    and they are really very intimidating to me…

    I cant resist them !!

    mashallah 3laich t9weerch 6rrrrrrr!!

    ❤ ❤ ❤

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