11 comments on “I Love Paris

  1. ♥ La Lune says:

    ahhh this is one of your best posts! I miss paris and all the beautiful places :”)

  2. OMG!!! i missed PARIS waaaaaayeed a8waa shay ❤ ❤

    great pics 7abebty
    you shot all of them with sigma 70-300mm?

  3. مها says:

    ياحبي للبنت الصغنونه ليه زعلانه
    بجد احلى بوست

  4. bintshama says:

    hhhh la fdeetha ma kant z3lanah ttryah el dinner p;

    mercii (;

  5. Hope says:

    Raw3a tbarak e.Ra7man I love ’em all
    well done

  6. wow so pretty! lucky u:)

  7. lens says:

    love them all !!
    amazing job bint shama .. keep going 😉

  8. bintshama says:

    thanks everyone ❤

  9. linah says:

    i want to cry really it’s amazing!!!!!@@

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