8 comments on “آلله يَ عمري قطـر

  1. danabinta says:

    Okayyy, Kill me now!!
    you were in Qatar o anaa a5r men y3lm :(!!!
    UFF knt abe akon your tour guide :c
    o knt aba a3zmich 3l ritz afternoon tea hour <3!!
    anyway enshallah you enjoyed ?!!
    O tben L 9j 7baaiit the towers photos the most,
    Mashallaah 3laaich ❤
    You chose the best place to photograph them
    o L edges '3raaaaam <3!!!!
    abd3tii x$ o laa hant ymeench :*
    O nawaartii L do7aa {}
    o sorry 3al comment L sree3 x$
    tstaahlin akthr ❤

    • bintshama says:

      It was unplanned trip ,,, fdaitCh wallah *.* <33 next time inshallah :*** ,,
      i really enjoooyed el 3aeed hnaak ,,, lBa el Do7a w hlha ya naas <333333333333
      w tryee el next post 3n el Ritz ;pP ;))

  2. جوهره says:

    ليش ماتقولين انج في قطر@@ منووووره

  3. Anonymous says:

    BintShamma Enty modb3aaa :*
    ah! ya Q6r <\3 Bro b3d 3yaad hnaak
    Fe 5a6ryya aseer bs 3shan " Chbaty
    o Krak " *_________*

  4. ElAinawya♡ says:

    Fdait ely nwrO Qtr ya naaaaas 😉 ! <3<3 enty asaasn tnwren kl mkaan t56eenh O:) !

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