ILOVE* كليّا

I had an amazing experience & enjoyed the tasty Emarati breakfast & local food in this fabulous local cafe and bakery !! ♥ Who hasn’t been there is missing OUT! lzoom tyrboonah ♥.♥

Sipping Klayya’s Karak heavenly ♥.♥ yummm

Ryoog Yerana & Ryoog Br Dairah *w4 Chbab bread & 5bz 5meer*

My Dad chose 7leeb bl Z3fran

39eedah & 5bee9ah *Traditional sweets* Yum!

8 comments on “ILOVE* كليّا

  1. AmaZing
    Yesterday we were talk about inshalla we’ll go soon ♥

  2. iAlya says:

    Like ur absya ..
    Can u make a post about your abayas and ur sugested designers for abaya ..

    Keep it up ,,

  3. Anonymous says:

    wooow 7bait elmkan w elkrk w elbrata 3thaab *.*
    wain f dbai bl’6b6?

  4. Anonymous says:

    wayd 7lo elmkan
    eshtahet elbrata wya elkrk *.*
    sho esm elmkan?

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