I start blogging to share what I think and see & at the same time,
to remember, to savor in delight those fabulous memories.

My thoughts, I express by photography and release them here

Bint Shama , ABUDHABI

34 comments on “About

  1. Amna says:

    ur so creative !! ❤

  2. Noura says:

    I enjoyed going thru your blog , beautiful photos mashaAllah. =)

  3. Zayoonh says:

    Hey Bint Shama
    I really love your blog.
    You are amazing , Keep the unique work up !

  4. Chris Odukwe says:

    Your pictures are fantastic and so colorful!
    I really enjoy your shooting style.
    Thanks so much for sharing your images.
    Would like to hang out with you and learn
    as well. Regards Chris

  5. سكر البوح says:

    Did you have any account in twitter !?

  6. سكر البوح says:

    OK thanks bint 2l-emarat 3la 2l-photo ”

  7. salama says:

    ليش انتي مب فالتويتر او instagram

  8. Mashalla 3leeCh 🙂 !
    keep going (f)

  9. 89sms says:

    Can I have ur pin

  10. You’re so creative girl .. good luck and keep goin’

  11. Anonymous says:

    what camera do you use?

  12. FatmaAlMulla says:

    I really liked your blog… mn zmaan ma shft great images like these xx
    Good luck
    allah ywafgch inshalla xx

  13. how 2 contact u by ur email ?!

  14. Azza says:

    مبدعه. واقدر اقول غير انج فلقمه

  15. Khalifa Albuainain says:

    انا كوكي قطر قبل بالفلكر ..
    الحين هاي اكاونتي بالانستقرام
    وفالج البيرق على هاي التصوير

  16. Marriam says:

    you’re so creative mashalla.
    keep it up ❤

  17. Lovisa says:

    Why are you so awesome?! Thank you for inspiring me with your beautiful picture everyday!

  18. Khaled says:

    متى ناويه تردين للانستقرام ؟

  19. Eme alameri says:

    6mneni 3laich </3 where r u !! u have been missed ! I hope you're fine

  20. Eme alameri says:

    Are you okay? I really miss you

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